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  • Posts

    • Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership - TTIP
      The EU now serves pretty much the same purpose as the Pentagon; it's a device for moving public money into private hands. It's strange, but the EU was conceived as a way to strengthen Europe and allow it some protection from the avarice of US driven corporatism - it now carries out the very duty it was created to prevent. Unfortunately, it's initial principle still holds true, sovereignty no longer really exists, the UK is already run by and for people like Morgan Stanley, the only real hope was enough people getting together to form some sort of resistance to that - it's failed - and sadly it was about the best hope we had.      
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      Boyle Sports are only offering 9/2 to stay up compared to Stan James @ 14/1! They may have inside information  
    • Youtube Hilarity
      Not hilarious, more batshit crazy!!  
    • Adama Traore
      I'm not sure i'd be starting him but wouldn't be against it if it did happen. I'd definitely start giving him more game time though.
    • Adama Traore
      Running in behind is a concept he's still yet to grasp, so I'll hold off playing him up front for now.
    • Joleon Lescott
      I think Remi takes a bit of credit here. Has definitely put an arm around him, talked to him like the seasoned pro he is. Looked after him rest wise.
    • The Chairman Mao resembling, Queen hating, threat to Britain, Labour Party thread
      Spot on, although the EU had just as great a hand in pushing the eastward expansion as NATO. To Russia the EU looks like Germany by other means, a view not entirely divorced from reality.  I think a major part of the problem is the lack of historical knowledge and perspective applied when formulating western foreign policy, a post Cold War hubris peculiar to the modern 'West'. The likes of Kissinger then, or China now make no such school boy errors. The non-alignment of Ukraine with Europe (EU/NATO) is a vital interest of Russia, a truism that holds whether the country is led by Putin or Mary Poppins. Russia has learned the hard way that politics is an actor that can change it's clothes with incredible speed, peace or war, aggression or non-aggression are postures of convenience and the  Russian people paid a catastrophic price for such naivety in the past.  The idea they could accept Ukraine being part of a potentially hostile alliance is utter foolishness.  Following Tony's point NATO had planned to go nuclear from the start had Russia invaded Western Europe during the Cold War. They will have known that, so despite their clear conventional superiority nuclear deterrence actually prevented direct conflict long enough for the USSR to collapse.  As Russia is now rearming at an astonishing rate it is certainly useful to maintain the security architecture that served us well in the past, including Trident.   
    • Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership - TTIP
      But, but... The EU is wonderful... We couldn't possibly make a better and more transparent trade deal as a sovereign country... The UK is useless, etc, etc.  The European Union is a sovereignty swallowing, democracy destroying corporate project run by, with and for big capital and the European elites who serve them. It's no coincidence that Morgan Stanley is the biggest contributor to Cameron's campaign to stay in the EU (followed by JP Morgan), you can bet your last penny they know exactly what is in the TTIP as they are probably 'helping' to draft it.
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