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  • Posts

    • Refugee crisis
      By YLN · Posted
      I think I have to throw my hands up here and admit that I have absolutely no idea what is going on. There's a war in Syria. ISIS are involved. Initially the war began for some reason presumably, and then some other things happened, and now the Syrian people have determined that they've had enough and they are getting the hell out of there. They made their way through Turkey and some other countries over there and most recently have gotten to Hungary. Now at the same time there are a lot of Libyans dying trying to get to Sicily. And that has been happening for a while, and I'm guessing that Sicily is getting quite full. But I'm not sure that story is playing a hand in this one. So the first thing was this truck full of dead Syrians was discovered. And there was shock and oh my god the horror, but not really all that much. Then a toddler washes up on a beach somewhere and someone takes his photograph. And there was an outcry. And many people from rich countries have started to really really care about the Syrian people, to the point that they're willing to bring them into their homes apparently and feed them and clothe them etc. Ten thousand such people apparently in Iceland. And some in Germany. And there are pictures of people doing signs saying allow more refugees. Soon there will be an equivalent ice bucket challenge I assume. Anyway the Syrians will arrive in Germany and in two weeks time they'll either be in camps, or begging on the streets and people will have forgotten all about them and have moved onto the next tragedy that if they post about on the internet in the direction of the zeitgeist they'll be guaranteed internet points. And the awful things that were going on before the refugee crisis, like Boko Haram, or children being raped to cure HIV in African countries, or the forced/slave labour of the Qatari World Cup or whatever else - they'll all continue to happen. It'll be just one more thing that's happening that people really cared about for a bit, and then forgot about despite the fact that there was no resolution to the problem.   So the politicians can say all the right things now because by the time that they actually have to do anything about it, everyone will have moved on to the next thing and have there'll be no political will to do anything.  Anyway, as I say I haven't a clue what to think about all this. I think this is probably relevant though:
    • Adama Traore
      By Czechlad · Posted
      Ayew, Traore, Gana, and Gestede could all potentially be gone or long periods then. Probably won't happen, but we will likely lose at least a couple of them. Luckily we have decent depth. 
    • Alan Hutton
      By Czechlad · Posted
      How in the world did they lose to Georgia? 
    • Premier League Predictions 15/16 GW4
      By Chewie · Posted
      Lol, what?
    • Things that piss you off that shouldn't
      By V01 · Posted
      So I'm expected to look forward to having another 3 nights of work before I get days off?
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